About Me


Hello!  My name is Sara.  I’m a midwesterner, born and raised in Ohio, but a Hoosier at heart.

I met my husband, who I’ll just call the husband, at a fire drill during our first month of freshman year at the best college in the world (Indiana University).  Fast forward 7 years, and we were getting married, having survived 4 years with me in Ohio, in medical school, and him in another state (and time zone), working in business.

This brings in our amazing dog, Callie.  I got Callie during my first year of medical school as I’d grown up with dogs and this was the first time I could have one where I was living.  I’m 100% convinced that she is the reason that we were able to survive the 4 crazy, long, difficult years of a long distance relationship.  She’s the greatest and we are both more than a little obsessed with her.

We survived another 3 crazy years of my residency in pediatrics with the husband traveling 4 days a week every week and another year with him in another state, getting his MBA.  Thank goodness it was only a 1 year program, and thank goodness for Callie, yet again.

Now, we are all in the same place, enjoying a life that is a little less crazy and once that involves a little more sleeping in :).

I am a huge lover of animals.  I’m the girl who stops in the middle of the road when she sees a cute dog just to pet it or completely changes the direction she’s walking just to intercept a dog and give it a few pets.  I’ve also been known to chase down a stray dog, running in the middle of the street for an hour in the pouring rain to catch it.  (True story, we got the dog safely back home).

We travel just about every minute that we possibly can.  I majored in Spanish in college and love languages and cultures.

I am not super artistic, but LOVE trying my hand at different crafts and DIY projects, some of which you may see here.  I can assure you, however, I’ve had my fair share of pinterest fails.



One thought on “About Me

  1. Hi Sara- wonderful blog! Can’t wait to live vicariously through you the next couple months! Thanks for posting and happy adventures!


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